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Our Vision
To spread message of moving from sedentary life style to active life style.

Our Mission
Promoting products that will keep fit and healthy.
Over the years we have seen that most of our lives have moved from active to sedentary style and this is adversely impacting our lives in professional and personal lives and this is proved through various research organizations.

This website came into existence to spread awareness that sitting at one place for prolonged hours would impact professional and personal lives through pains and various diseases.So start moving and be active.
We started writing to motivate people to come out from sedentary life and lead a active life by taking right steps at right time to stay fit and healthy and live a happy life.

People having office desk job are part of this sedentary life and we believe this site will help them to start a active life.

Thanking you
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Its all about how you Sit and Stay fit
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